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Surat is located in the western part of Gujarat state. Surat is one of the most vibrant metropolia in India, with a quick development rate due to immigration from distinct regions of Gujarat and other states.

Because of this reason, Surat stays in the food position in the fastest-growing city in India. Surat is also known as the diamond, silk, and green city. This city's history is very broad because it is where the Britisher landed first in India.

The metropolitan area of Surat is 326.515 sq. Km. And as of 2011, the population of Surat is 44,66,826. Surat attracts people due to its textile business, grand monuments, and many other exciting things.

Know Surat

About Surat

History of Surat

In The 16th century Malik Gopi, a merchant, shifted to Surat and paid his contribution to the growth of Surat; he built a man-made lake for water storage.

The area generated by Gopi was known as Gopipura by his owner, and the ruler of Gujarat granted him the tag of Malik. In 1573, the Mughals took Surat. And it was the most prosperous port of the Mughal Empire, which was used for visiting the Hajj pilgrimage.

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About the culture and language of Surat

Surat city is rich in culture and heritage. And the culture the Surat people followed attracts the people of India. Like the playing of Dandiya and Garba in Navratri, the unique Makar Sankranti festival celebrated on 14 January is very popular in Surat, also known as the kite flying festival.

The festival named Chand Padvo is unique to this city alone. Apart from it, Surat is known for its local drama known as Bhavai. The local language of Surat is Gujarati; besides that, the people also know English, Hindi, and Urdu.



Surat ranks 10th in India, with a GDP of around 265 lakh crore in 2016. Suraj's GDP will be around $57 billion in 2022 according to the city Mayor Foundation. Surat is the epicentre for diamond polishing and cutting, and the first diamond workshop in Gujarat appeared in Surat in 1950.

Course diamonds are made in South Africa and other reasons of the African continent. From here, as smooth gems to Belgium, and Antwerp, where the international diamond trade is carried on mainly by Hasidic Jews and Jains from Palanpur in Northern Gujarat.


The Surat food is very healthy and tasty. In Surat, anyone can enjoy authentic Gujarati food like khaman, dhokla, undhiyo, dabeli, ice dish, fafda, bhajiya, locho, thepla, etc.

Climatic condition

The weather of Surat is tropical, with a rainy season from June to September due to the monsoon and a dry season from October to June. And the monsoon begins from 19 June to October. But due to some past years, rain is particularly abundant and can cause flooding, usually in July and August. Surat is located in western India and on the bank of theTapti river.

Attraction points of Surat

The people love to visit various attractions of Suraj, like Mughal Sarai, Rang Upvan, Dutch garden, Sarthane National Park, Ambika Niketan temple, the tomb of kundawand Khan, and Sardar Patel museum. Various other things are available in Surat, the attraction points for Indian people.